Med-Pride Gloves

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Save $25.00
Med-Pride Medical Exam Latex Gloves 5 mil Thick, Medium Case of 1000 Powder-Free
Save $20.00
Med-Pride Medical Exam Nitrile Gloves| Black, Latex/Powder-Free, Non-Sterile Exam (Small/1000)
Save $24.00
Med-Pride Vinyl Gloves| 4.3 mil Thick, Powder-Free, Non-Sterile, Heavy Duty Disposable Gloves
Save $24.99
Med-Pride  NitriPride Nitrile-Vinyl Blend Exam Gloves, Large 1000 Protective Gloves for Medical Use

Why do we have our Inogen One G5 Concentrators so affordable?

"Your Out of Pocket Solution"

It Is unlikely that Insurance will cover the cost of these units that they label as "Luxury Items" That's why we always knew we had to somehow make this units affordable for our patients who buy out of pocket. After months and months of brainstorming and working behind the scenes to close on an agreement. We are now proud to know that we are the only company in the US able to offer Brand New Inogen One G5 Portable Concentrators at an amazing affordable price for our patients.

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You can always call us with any questions regarding the Inogen G5 Systems we have available.

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