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Inogen One G4 Double Battery

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Inogen One G4 Double Battery
With your newly restored independence, you will want to take full advantage of the lifestyle enhancing benefits of the Inogen One G4. To fully maximize the portable use of your G4 the double battery should be your go to option.

You no longer have to deal with hassle of replacing or refilling oxygen tanks, instead, the Inogen One G4’s double battery is rechargeable using an AC power supply, DC power cord, or an external battery charger.

The double battery is an exceptional choice if you don’t mind adding half a pound to the overall package in exchange for longer portable operation. The double battery is the recommended battery choice for active and traveling oxygen patients.

Battery Life that Matches Your Lifestyle Demands
Using the double battery, you will have the ability to run errands, travel, or catch up with friends or family, for up to 4 hours and 30 minutes on a pulse setting of 2. Receive over double the battery life of the single battery, while only adding half a pound to the unit’s weight.

Full Battery Life:
Pulse Flow Rate - 1
Battery Life - Up to 5 Hours

Pulse Flow Rate - 2
Battery Life - Up to 4 Hours 30 minutes

Pulse Flow Rate - 3
Battery Life - Up to 2 Hours 30 minutes

Keep Track of Your Remaining Battery Life
Have you ever worried about running out of oxygen while away from home? This is a common and justified fear but is eliminated thanks to the Inogen One G4’s control panel on-screen battery gauge.

The instant you turn on the G4 the LCD screen will display your remaining battery life in an enlarged battery gauge as well as in a percentage.

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