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Inogen One G5 Single 8 Cell Battery By Inogen

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Inogen One G5 8-Cell Battery

The Standard Battery of the Inogen One G5:
Delivering exceptional battery life to allow patients like yourself the freedom to garden, shop, golf, or anything you set your mind to without the worry of running out of oxygen.

This is made possible with the standard Inogen One G5 8 cell rechargeable lithium ion battery as it provides up to 4 hours of supplemental oxygen on a setting 2.

FAA Requirements
If you expect to be out for an all-day event, or if your flight is longer than the estimated battery life of your flow setting, it is highly recommended that you have multiple batteries on hand so you can quickly swap them out. The FAA requires all oxygen patients to have 150% of the flight time in battery life.

Inogen One G5 8-Cell Battery Life:
Flow Rate - 1
Battery Life - Up to 6 Hours

Flow Rate - 2
Battery Life - Up to 5 Hours

Flow Rate - 3
Battery Life - Up to 3.5 Hours

Flow Rate - 4
Battery Life - Up to 2.5 Hours

Flow Rate - 5
Battery Life - Up to 2 Hours

Flow Rate - 6
Battery Life - Up to 1 Hour
*Battery life is dependent on breaths per minute (BPM)

Charging with the AC and DC Power Supply
The 8 cell battery even has the capability to charge automatically with both the AC power supply for stationary charging, or with the DC power supply for portable on the go charging in most vehicles.

Even more impressive is the fact that all settings will charge and operate while using the DC supply. For an additional cost you can charge an 8 cell battery while having another in the concentrator, the external battery charger is perfect for patients that have multiple batteries, and eliminates having to wait for a battery to recharge to use the unit.


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